Apply to be a model - New-Born to adults

There are two ways to apply to be a model:


If you have recently (within the last six-months) had a professional photo shoot or you have sharp/clear snapshots, email four low-resolution images, accompanied by the online form:

  • For under 16-year-olds, a parent/guardian must also supply their name and contact details. Under 16-year-olds MUST ALWAYS be accompanied with their parent/guardian.


Please go to the ONLINE PROMOTION button below for more details and to fill out a form.

Test Shoot


If you do not have any professional images, contact the agency to book an appointment for a test shoot. The model would:

  • Receive training.
  • Learn about posing.
  • Learn about the importance of inner confidence while being in front of the camera.


After a model has had a test shoot, the parent, guardian, or potential model would be notified by email or text to confirm if they have been successful in being promoted by Little Adults.


Images from the photoshoot can be used for promotion or if they have recent professional images (taken within six months, for individuals over five years) these can also be used for promotion. 


One image would be uploaded to our website to find work for the model. As a reputable agency, we cannot guarantee our models work but we try to do the best that we can.


Little Adults has been established since 1997 and has worked for some well-known clients.


Models can be booked for any of the following types of work:

- TV commercials

- Photo shoots

- Fitting sessions

- Voice overs

- Life drawings


Models can earn between £40-£60 per hour and between £150.00-£300.00 per day. There are also buyout fees that can be earned which can be thousands of pounds. Fees vary from job to job. 


We take a commission of 25% from all jobs.


Child Performance Licence (also known as) Entertainment Licence for children

Children (from birth to when they finish compulsory education) have to be licensed when working in:

  • Television
  • Films
  • Theatre
  • Modelling
  • Certain sporting activities

Compulsory education ends on the Friday before the last Monday in June, during the academic year that the child reaches the age of 16.

After this date, an entertainment licence is no longer required.

The child will need an agent to organise and arrange performances.

The agent is also responsible for payment made to the child for the work they do.

Children in entertainment must be in the care of their parent, legal guardian or licensed Chaperone.

The local Authority where the child lives is responsible for issuing an entertainment/performance licence.

For enquiries, please call us: 020 3813 1792 020 3813 1792

Little Adults Academy & Modelling Agency

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