Ref: 1997201602 - Monique

D.O.B: 1993

Monique enjoys being photographed and is great with facial expreseeions. Excellent for photographic work.

Ref: 1997201601 - Lucy

D.O.B: 1997

Lucy is a confident individual. She is curently a student at University studying Musical Theatre.

Ref: 1997201603 - Dannella

D.O.B: 1989

Dannella is an amazing dancer. She was taught to dance from the age of two, by her mother, who is a dance teacher.


Naturally confident.


Experience: dance, street dance, ballet, tap, modern, singing, roller skating, ice skating and acting.

Ref: 1997201604 - Princess

D.O.B: 1999

Princess attended acting school from the age of 12-16. 

She previously attended ballet school up until the age of 13 and has also attended break/freestyle dancing classes from the age of 8-15 years.

She has modelled for various different clothing brands such as VERY UK on a freelance basis as well as taking part in some promotional modelling and obtaining catwalk experience. She can easily pose without direction for photographic modelling work.

Ref: 1997201605 - Rachel

D.O.B: 1994

Rachel has had a vast amount of experience doing photo shoots, so she is extremely confident and professional. She has done an advert for the NHS, played an unspoken lead actress role for a short independent film, been an extra in two Bollywood films, been an extra in an advert for KFC, participated in 4 beauty pageants, was Miss Springtime 2014 and has played the lead actress spoken role in a independent project. 

Ref: 1997201707 - Leo

D.O.B: 1989

Leo enjoys sports, writing, photography, singing and reading. He has modelled for other students work.

Ref: 1997201606 - Jade


Jade is super confident infront of the camera. Extremely natural.

Ref: 1997201708 - Joseph

D.O.B: 1998

Joseph enjoys football. He is very confident in front of the camera.

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