Ref: C5619972017 - Jordaine

D.O.B: 2000

Jordaine enjoys dance, as well as posing infront of the camera.

Ref: C5219972017 - Ellie

D.O.B: 2000

Ellie enjoys being infront of the camera.

Ref: C2119972016 - Suraya

D.O.B: 2011

Suraya is a confident photographic model. She enjoys posing.



Ref: C2019972016 - Isaac

D.O.B: 2009

Isaac takes direction well. 

Ref: C5719972017 - Tsehai

D.O.B: 2012

Tsehai enjoys colouring, drawing, swimming and being infront of the camera.

Ref: C5419972016 - Victoria

D.O.B: 2014

Victoria enjoys ballet. She is a very confident little girl infront of the camera.


Ref: C5119972017 - Evie

D.O.B: 2011

Evie is very confident infront of the camera. 



Ref: C5819972017 - Leo

D.O.B:  2017

An amazing baby that will go to anyone.

Ref: C2519972016 - Josephine

D.O.B: 2007


Josephine enjoys ballet, swimming, roller blading and ice skating.


She also speaks Cantonese and Manderin.


Very photogenic.



Ref: C2619972016 - Jeremy

D.O.B: 1999


Jeremy is an extremely confident photographic model.


He enjoys sports such as: football, basketball and skate boarding.


Ref: C2719972016 - Amelia

D.O.B: 2012


Amellia enjoys ballet and dance. She enjoys having her photo taken. A very confident little girl.

Ref: C2819972016 - Jameela

D.O.B: 2001


Jameela enjoys sports and cooking. 


She poses naturally and enjoys the experience.

Ref: C5019972017 - Faith

D.O.B: 2011


Faith enjoys role playing and is easy to photograph.


Ref: C5519972017 - Cassie

D.O.B: 2000


Cassie enjoys being infront of the camera.

Ref: C4919972017 - Leah

D.O.B: 1999


Leah enjoys being infront of the camera and dog walking.






Ref: C5319972017 - Ayana

D.O.B 2001


Ayana plays the piano.

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