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News Flash about Covid-19

We know that it has been extremely difficult for many families during COVID-19. We really hope that you and your family have been safe. Obviously, for safety reasons many castings and jobs had to stop. For this reason, all models that still had a model contract with us during the months of February - March 2020 will automatically obtain six months FREE of charge promotion as a gift from us. This will mean that you have not lost any promotional time from us because of Covid-19. 


EXTRA SIX MONTHS PROMOTION for all models that have joined us from February 2020. On Monday 21st Setpember 2020, Donna, the Director of Little Adults, has decided to give all models an extra six months free promotion. As this is such uncertain times and sometimes we are being told to isolate, we feel that the extra six months will allow each model the time to get the full potentional of our promotions. We hope you are happy with our decison. Please note that this offer will only be available for a limited time and then it will return to the normal one or two year promotion.


Little Adults has had a fantastic 23 years working with some of the best companies in the world: BBC, ITV, Nickelodeon, plus many more. Our models have enjoyed doing photo shoots, TV commercials, fitting sessions, voice-overs, fashion shows, life drawing models, body doubles, plus many more. No job is too big or too small. For the list of some of our jobs, view our Client List below:


We have trained models like Jade Ewen (Ex-Sugarbabes singer and Singer/Actress currently playing 'Princess Jasmine' in Disney's West End Production of Aladdin) to have people like Chipmunk on our model books.  We have worked with people like 50 cent to Chris Jarvis, to name but a few. We now have ex-models bringing their children to model with us so we must be doing something right!


If you would like to be part of the 'Little Adults Family', to have a chance to be promoted to some amazing jobs, contact us now...


Please read what our models have to say...


Thinking of joining us???

Our models online promotion is now open. If you are interested in joining us, please do so ASAP as we only have limited space available.


Donna enjoys scouting for new children at various venues. In August 2020, she visited a new boxing club called Aberfeldy in Poplar, E14 ONU.


She was amazed at the talent of the children and even witnessed a young boy of three years of age trying to skip. The teachers are all qualified and they even had a teacher, Jack, that is specialised to deal with SEN children. The patience they showed the children was actually overwhelming to watch. She watched Keron teaching an eight year old to box and she said that you could see the passion in his work.The warmth from the teachers really confirmed to her how important it is, for children to develop and learn in a safe enviroment.


After speaking to one of the teachers, Daryl told Donna that he use to be with Little Adults over 20 years ago and was proud of previously being selected for a Robinson's commercial and other jobs and castings.


If you are looking for an activity for your children, please contact them.


Images captured by Donna Benjamin Photography




Great News!!!


On 6th July 2020, plans were confirmed that Dagenham Film Studio has been approved to be built.


What does this mean for Little Adults models??? 


Donna (the Director of Little Adults) has had over 23 years of running Little Adults and 30 years of experience in the modelling field. She feels it will hopefully mean more castings and jobs for the Little Adults models. Casting Directors and those in production often like to work with companies located near to the studios. This is such a wonderful opportunity for anyone and everyone in the creative fields.


So if you would like to join us, this is the best time to start building your acting and modelling career. 

 Well done Rahmel, Karim, Sanskriti, Tyreece, Joseph, Jamie, Jevonte, Elliot, Jeremy, Rashaan, Jordaine and Jasmine for your fantastic work on the

Childline commercial! 






Well done were excellent in the

Nella the Princess Knight commercial and the Crayola Colour Wonder Light Stamp commercial!





Well done Funke, you still look great in the Nokia commercial!

Welcome back to the agency!

Discover the star within...

Client List







Anti-Bullying Campaign 

Worlds Apart 

Lunchtime Song 

The Big Green Thing 

KCA - Cinema 

KCA – Voting Explainer 

Slime Across the U.K. 


Nick Flick 

What Makes Me Smile? 


Movie Week 

Wiggle with a Giggle 

Dora Fiesta 

Bob The Builder 

Blues Clues 


World Cup Nationals

So Solid Crew 


Nickel Down Crew

World Farting Federation


Giggling Babies 

The Bill 

Holby City 

Rory Bremner Show 



French & Saunders Christmas Special 

Baby Father 


Are you Looking At Me? 

Too Good To Be True 

Cbeebies Ecotrail 

Daddy’s Girl 

Born & Bred 




Gimme Gimme Gimme 

Waking The Dead 

Slave Trader 

The Best of Katy Brand 




Moses Jones

Mile High

Dove Viral

Boomerang – Liquid TV

My Life as a Poppet


Youth Justice Board

Always think Murder

CBBC Sunday Mornings

CBBC Digital Exchange

Stars In Their Doubles (ITV)


Feather Boy

BBC TV Licence Promo

London Film Festival


Emma Brody

Mascot – Dream Team

Ed Stone is Dead

William & Mary


Beneath The Skin

Aufwiedersam Pet

Discovery Channel

Family Business

Coming Up Three (Channel 4)


William & Mary

Best Friends

Lifesavers Award

Ant & Dec Ident Promo

Obesity Documentary

Baby Talk – Discovery Channel

North & South

MTV – 50 Cent

MTV – Sugar Babes

Peep Show (Channel 4)







British Gas 

Familt Tax Credit

NHS Anti-Smoking Campaign 

Nokia – Music



Green Giant Soup 

Dairylea Lunchables 

Childcare Recruitment 



Help the Hospice


Teenage Pregnancy Campaign 


Leap Frog 


DVCL Music Video




COI – Organ Donors

Philips Sony care

Scottish Blood Transfusion

Cancer Research 

Health Education

Jamie Oliver Mother’s Day Weekender 


Crayola Stamp


Vell Dolls



Teenage Pregnancy Campaign

Child Trust


Goosey Goosey

HPV Cervical Cancer 

Homework Caribbean


Open University

Raf- Dreams


Fitting Session

Tammy Girl 

The White Company 



Freemans Catalogue 

David Charles 



Photo Shoots

Waltham Forest Fostering & Adoption


360 Play


Designa Pamper Parties

Godfrey Fitzgerlad (USA)


Noodles Packaging Photo Shoot

Debenhams Direct Magazine

Marks & Spencers Magazine

0/3 Baby International Magazine

New Baby Magazine


The Mirror

Sunday Times Magazine


Baby Magazine

National Treasure Film Poster

British Heart Foundation

Discovery Poster

Fostering & Adoption Poster

Bride & Groom Magazine

Tomy Toys Magazine

Dreft Fabric Softener

Lifestyle Sky TV



The Big Green Thing

Eye Toy


Odelyn Smith Knitwear

HPV Vaccinations

Carol Rose Fashion Designer


Luster Hair Products

Barratts Shoes Posters & Leaflets

Fall Out

Dark & Lovely

Norks Hydro

Unijet Poster

William & Mary


Defenders Book Cover


Mizz Magazine


London Film Festival


Freemans Catalogue


Fashion Show

Clarks Fashion Show in Belgium

Joanna Marcella

Millennium Wedding Promotions

Afro Hair & Beauty



The Angel Wing



The Goldfish (Short film)

Lone Cub

Plus many more…

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