Ref: A31120 - Rosie

D.O.B: 2002

Rosie enjoys dance and horses.

Ref: C16319 - Lorena

D.O.B: 2003

Lorena enjoys modelling, acting and performing.

Ref: C17119 - Jazmine

D.O.B: 2003

Jazmine enjoys fashion, music and travelling.

Ref: C16619 - Rose

D.O.B: 2003

Rose enjoys photo shoots.

Ref: C37420 - Sian

D.O.B: 2003

Sian enjoys football.

Ref: C3619972016 - Massa

D.O.B: 2003

Massa enjoys dancing, acting, horse riding, gym, scouts, camping, art, reading, rock climbing and modern music.

Professional Skills or Present/Past Training classes:
Performing on stage for 6 years in a row. Drama at school and photo shoot in London

Ref: C3819972016 - Aaliyah

D.O.B: 2003

Excellent for photographic modelling. She enjoys dancing.


Experience: Entered a talent competition.

Ref: C33972016 - Carla

D.O.B: 2002

Carla is at grade 7 piano (advanced), a capable ice skater (freestyle 4), avid/expressive reader, enjoys singing and loves music, loves all kinds of animals/can handle them and confident around them, enjoys acting.

Ref: A41821 - Anna

D.O.B: 2003

Anna enjoys dancing and netball.

Ref: C1019972016 - Carrington

D.O.B: 2002

Carrington has done numerous photo shoots. She knows exactly what is expected of her. She is very confident.


Experience: acting and cheerleading.

Ref: C4519972016 - Olivia

D.O.B: 2002

Olivia enjoys dancing and has participated in various dance festivals, annual dance shows and has done the Sound of Music UK tour.

Ref: C0419972016 - Tahlia

D.O.B: 2002

Tahlia has been dancing since the age of two and also teaches toddlers to dance too.


Experience: child actor for The Bill (TV Series). Assistant for children's enterainment party - client said "she was amazing and extremely confident on the microphone".


Experience: dance, tap, modern, ballet, contemporary and singing. 

Ref: C13718 - Tiegan

D.O.B: 2003

Tiegan enjoys being in front of the camera.

Ref: C10817 - Sanskriti

D.O.B: 2003

Sanskriti is a radio jockey. She enjoys theatre, singing and ballet.


She has been a featured artist for an online commercial.

Ref: C11618 - Amy

D.O.B: 2003

Amy enjoys dance, gymnastics and keeping fit.

Ref: C13518 - Cristina

D.O.B: 2003


Cristina enjoys photo shoots.



Ref: C34920 - Talia

D.O.B: 2003

Talia enjoys acting, singing and dancing.

Ref: C7719972016 - Mya

D.O.B: 2002

Mya loves dancing. ISTD: Theatre ballet, modern, street, disco, freetsyle and rock n roll.

Ref: C35520 - Vivien

D.O.B: 2003

Vivien enjoys show jumping, swimming, skiing, language studies and pets.

Ref: C38220 - Coral

D.O.B: 2003

Coral enjoys going for family walks, listening to music, dancing, going to the movies and meals out..

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